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Free - Iwatobi Swim Club OCs

My Free! OC, Jun Yoshida - The Crass-Spoken Starfish!:heart:

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.:*Free! OC - Jun Yoshida [Full Biography]*:. by dreamchaser21
.:*Free! OC - Jun Yoshida [Full Biography]*:.

The magnificent images of 'Jun Yoshida' was drawn by the super awesome :iconale-mangekyo: and :iconyohao88: I thank you both for doing this awesome pieces as commissions for me! And the character concept design was 100% thought out by me!;P

Jun Yoshida (吉田淳 Yoshida Jun) is one of the main characters of the fanfic series "Splash! Life Of A Diver". She is a freestyle swimmer who dreams of becoming a master in freestyle swimming. In her third year of high school, Jun officially joins the Iwatobi High School swimming team with her friends, Kozue Miyoshi, Kaname Natsuki, and Yui Esumi.

Name: Jun Yoshida
Kanji: 吉田淳
Rōmaji: Yoshida Jun
Aliases / Nicknames: Ju (by Kozue), Junie (by Kaname and Hitomi), Jun-chan (by Nagisa)

Bullet; YellowDESCRIPTIONBullet; Yellow

Gender: Female
Sign: ♍ Virgo
Birthday: September 15th
Age: 16
Height: 173 cm (5 ft 8 in.)
Weight: 65 kg (145 lbs)
Ethnicity: Japanese Australian (½ African Australian, ½ Japanese)


 High School Student | Part Time Waitress [The Sea Shack]
Affiliation: Iwatobi High School | Shizuoka Middle School [Former]
Swim Style: Freestyle (Main)

Bullet; YellowPERSONAL INFORMATIONBullet; Yellow


Akio Yoshida [Father - Technical Writer - Age 48]
Yani Yoshida nee Taplin [Mother - Fashion Designer - Age 45]
Amaya Yoshida [Older Sister - Singer/Songwriter - Age 25]
Isamu Yoshida [Younger Brother - Grade School Student - Age 10]
Tadao Yoshida [Paternal Grandfather - Retired Network Analyst - Age 68]
Mei Yoshida [Paternal Grandmother - Retired Musician - Age 64]
Isaac Taplin [Maternal Grandfather - Retired College Professor - Age 73]
Isabella Taplin [Maternal Grandmother - Retired Floral Designer - Age 70]

Bullet; YellowVOICE ACTORBullet; Yellow

Eri Kitamura (JP)
Amanda Celine Miller (EN)

Bullet; YellowAPPEARANCEBullet; Yellow

Jun is a teenage girl of average height and she has a athletic built with small curves to add to her figure. She has light sandy brown skin and almond-shape amber yellow eyes (courtesy of her mother's heredity), and mahogany brown hair that's cut short into a asymmetrical hairstyle with a large fringe framing the right side of her face. On her left ear, she wears a silver hoop that was given to her by her father as a good luck charm.

As a student of Iwatobi High School, she dons the standard girls' uniform with some changes to her attire. Her uniform consists of a long sleeved, white buttoned down shirt, a dark gray buttoned blazer with the school's badge that is worn on top of it, a light brown skirt, white knee high socks and a pair of black and white sneakers. Instead of wearing the standard girl's bow tie, she wears the boy's necktie (which she changes color according to each year) instead in order to accentuate her tomboyish demeanor.

For the spring and summer months, she wears the alternative version of the school uniform of Iwatobi High School. It consists of a white short-sleeved buttoned down shirt with a black collar and light blue trimming on the sleeves, the symbol of Iwatobi High School is sewn on the left side of the shirt, a dark gray skirt, white knee high socks, and her normal black and white sneakers. Like she does with the winter uniform, she wears the boy's white dotted necktie (which she changes color according to each year) with her uniform.

When she swims competitively, Jun wears a two-piece competitive swimsuit that was quite different from any normal swimwear for a female swimmer. Her top is a form-fitting midriff that’s black in color and three-fourth swim jammers with golden yellow designs on them. She also wears a black swimming cap and a pair yellow goggles with a black head strap and matching trimming around the lens cushion.

In Jun's private time, she rocks her fashion and style from the classic “Girly Tomboy” look. Most of her clothing consists of skinny jeans, bracelets, chokers, high top sneakers and boots. On some days, she'll switch it up and wear something girly like dresses, sandals, flats, and accessories, but that's only on rare occasions.

Bullet; YellowPERSONALITYBullet; Yellow

When Jun was a child, she was a very energetic, talkative, and analytical girl who had showed signs of maturity at a very young age. Due to her industrious nature and determination, she did very well in her studies and was supported fully by her family in anything that piqued her interests. While she was adventurous in some aspects, Jun would become very shy when she faces new challenges and the opportunity to communicate with other kids was an important part of her upbringing. Back then, she was always seeking out different activities to partake in and she would even help out around her home to keep herself from being bored. With anything that she does, Jun would always ask a multitude of questions so she could always do the her best. Her relationship with her family is very strong and she would whatever she could for them it wasn't too strenuous for her to handle.

As a teenager, Jun is a complex mixture of intelligence, audacity, and unparalleled fierceness. She is a down-to-earth girl with a strong sense of responsibility, especially with regard to family and close friends. Her greatest assets are her intelligence, analytical mind and excellent memory. She is a logical thinker who takes every detail in account before coming to a final decision. Jun may appear strong-minded, but there is a softer side to her personality that only the ones that truly know her get to see. At first, her harsh disposition might put off a lot of people from trying to get to know her and they end up fearing her, but that's only because Jun doesn't want to get influenced easily as she's wary of exposing her emotional vulnerability and possibility of getting hurt. When it comes down to friendship, Jun does become very attached to the ones she considers her friends and will go to great lengths to keep them happy. She will always be around when her friends need her and would advise them in their best interests in times of difficulties.

Strengths and Weaknesses

With Jun, sagacity is her greatest strength and it makes her the most level headed person in her group. With her analytical mind, she’s capable of approaching critical situations in a calm manner. More than anything, it’s even harder to deceive her since Jun is capable of seeing through various things. Her weakness is that she doesn't like to be criticized when she doesn't do something right the first time. More than likely, it would deflate her ego and she'll question herself about the abilities she's lacking in to complete that specific task. This will result in her not wanting to try again for a little while. In cases like that, giving her the space that she needs will help her in the long run and she'll recover from the failure faster.


Believe it or not, if anyone was to become Jun's romantic partner, then they will have a classy, witty, and intelligent partner to be with. At first, it might be a little difficult getting to know her because she is the type that looks before she leaps, but when Jun does take that plunge, she does it with a lot of bravado. Once she is in a committed relationship with someone, she will work extra hard to please that person just as long as they remember not to step on her sense of routine and order. Jun wouldn't mind letting her special person take the lead, but she will buck immediately if you disturb her sense of how things should be around the household. Basically, if her special person takes care of Jun and she will take extra care of them. Jun is fairly critical and she can be a bit nit-picky at times, but if that person accepts it, not only will she be a good friend, but a wonderful lover that would amaze her special someone with her wits and creativity. All in all, Jun will be an asset and an ally who will allow her significant other to take the lead if they have proven to be a trusted entity in her entire life.

Bullet; YellowHISTORYBullet; Yellow

Jun was born to her parents, Akio Yoshida and Yani Taplin, a Japanese man and a African-Australian woman on the morning of September 15th at the Prince of Wales Private Hospital in Randwick NSW, Australia. The young couple already had an older daughter named Amaya who was seven years old at the time and each parent was working in the field of their dreams: Akio was a technical writer and Yani was a newcomer designer in the fashion world. In her early childhood, Jun’s life was constantly eventful with fun adventures and Amaya had fulfilled the role of older sister perfectly by always playing with her and nurturing her. Even though there was a nine year difference between them, Jun’s bond with her older sister was incredibly strong.

During her primary school years, Jun had attended Randwick Public School and had participated in different activities there. Even with keeping herself busy the majority of the time, she wasn't happy because there wasn't anything at school that kept her interested for a long period of time. She was home with her parents one day and she had asked them what made them choose the dreams that they had achieved. Yani had explained to Jun that a person's life and dream is what keeps the light of the heart going and that she would have to discover it for herself. Jun didn't quite understand it, but she was more than willing to try and find that light to ignite her dreams and possible future. Akio was very proud of his daughter for coming to such a decision on her own and he hugged her, wishing her success in finding that dream.

Discovering Her Dream and Spirit Animal

One year later in her 5th year of school, Jun’s parents had welcome their new child into the family: Isamu Yoshida. Jun was very excited because she was going to be able to be an older sister to her new brother and give him the same kind of love the Amaya had given her. Over the course of five years, Jun had constantly tried to find her dream by trying different types of sports, but she wasn't successful in doing so. Although, she had took up mixed martial arts as a stress reliever from school or possible problems from home (which was very rare in her case). On the last day of her fifth year, Jun's family had took a trip to Coogee Beach for a day of fun and festivities and to see one of the most talked about events in Australia: the Coogee Sparkles Fireworks show.

When evening had came that day, everyone was pretty much excited for the fireworks to start. Jun was still playing within beach water, splash and play about until she had came across a small starfish. She wanted to pick it up, but she opted to watch it move across the sand underwater and the fireworks had started. While the show was going on, the soft sloshes of the water around feet made Jun closed her eyes and see the different lights within her mind’s eye. For those few moments, Jun had saw herself swimming in a pool, winning medals, making her family proud of her, and being one of the fastest swimmers in the world. Jun then realized that the water made her feel at peace and she wanted to be as bright, strong, and powerful like a star in the sky.

When the firework show was over, Jun had explained to her family that she had finally found her dream: to be a swimmer and a master of freestyle. At first, Yani and Akio weren’t too keen on the fact about their child being a swimmer, but they would eventually warm up to the idea after having a much needed discussion.

Moving to Japan and Konami Sports Club

Jun was already in her 6th year in elementary school and she had been apart of the local swim club for almost a year. She had swam her first relay and won 4th place with her teammates and her family had took her out to her favorite restaurant to celebrate. In the midst of dinner, Akio and Yani some news that they had to disclose to her children and it was the perfect time to tell them without any surprises. It turned out that Yani’s fashion line was seen by an agent for a new fashion company and they had wanted her clothes for their new line. Akio’s work as a technical writer had also gotten attention and they wanted to expand his skills towards more international countries. While the children were happy about their parents success in their jobs, it was when they told them they would have to move to Japan if they wanted to continue their work.

f course, Amaya, Jun, and Isamu  were not happy about this at all, especially Jun since she loved her home in Australia so much. It meant starting over and she didn’t want to lose the bonds that she had created with her fellow teammates. Akio and Yani had propose moving to Japan at the start of the summer season and since it was still early spring, it would give them enough time to spend more time with their friends. As the months went by, Jun was dreading the day that she would leave Australia for who knows how many years, but she made the most of it by hanging out with her teammates. She had wanted to at least win one medal from her hometown before leaving and she started practicing extra hard for the her first freestyle race that would take place a week after school was over. When she had participated in the race, she swam as best as she could and actually came in 3rd place, winning herself a bronze medal and claiming her second victory.

In the summer, Jun and her family had moved to where they would start their lives off fresh: Shizuoka, Japan. Before leaving Australian, it was very difficult to part ways with all the people that the Yoshida family had made bonds with, but they had made a promise to always keep in touch with them through various social means. Even though Jun was living in a country that was part of her heritage, she slowly accustomed herself to the new culture and her father had even continue to teach her the Japanese language since she only spoke English. Within a couple of weeks, Jun was enrolled into Shizuoka Middle School and she had met Kozue Miyoshi, Rui Aizawa, and Hitomi Koda. Out of all them, Rui was the only one who was able to speak English with her without any problems. He had volunteered to be her translator until she had gotten the Japanese language down fluently.

With an invitation from Kozue, Jun had joined the Konami Sports Club along and Rui was more than happy knowing that there would another cute face among the regular crowd of the swim club.

The Day Everything Changed - The Traumatic Experience

In the summer of her 8th year in middle school, Jun was asked by Rui and Kozue if she had wanted to join them in helping out with some volunteer work at the Shizuoka Rehabilitation Center. The job for that day was to help clean and wash some baby otters that got caught in an oil spill that had happened a week earlier. Jun had agreed because it would be a great way for her to create a stronger bond with her new friends from the swim club. While doing her job at the rehabilitation center, one of the baby otters managed to sneak away from her to try and get back to the ocean. Notifying the others of this predicament, everyone had split up and search the center in order to find the otter. Making her way through the large forest that had led to an open street, Jun had managed to captured the otter before it strayed too far.

Jun was very happy that she had found it, but the moment was cut short when the otter was making frantic noises and a speeding car was coming towards them. Jun was beyond frightened and her body wouldn't respond fast enough for her to move out of the street. With her slipping into a catatonic state for those few moments, Jun had no idea that Rui had ran into the street and saved her from getting hit by the car. It was only when she felt a searing pain scrapping her back that she came back to her senses and she noticed that Rui was laying on the ground unconscious. Jun also noticed that his leg was bludgeoned from the impact of the car and she crawled over to wake him up. To no avail, Rui didn't move and she screamed for help. A few minutes later, police had arrived to call EMS after the accident and her friends had came to site where everything had occurred.

A few hours after the accident, Jun was being seen by a doctor in Shizuoka General Hospital and her family was there right beside her. The doctor had told the Yoshida family that Jun had sustained a long diagonal laceration across her upper back and that she was lucky that it was only injury she gotten from the traumatic experience. From hearing the news, Jun pointed her concern towards Rui and she wanted to know how he was doing. Unfortunately, the doctor would not tell her the news about Rui's condition and this made her worry even more. After she was treated, Jun darted off to find Rui and make sure that he was still in one piece. Eventually, Jun did find him, but she noticed that he was sleeping and wearing an oxygen mask over his nose and mouth. What shook her to her core was that his lower left leg was completely gone and it was resting on a pillow. Seeing that had invoke guilt beyond her comprehension and she ran out of the hospital room in tears.

Jun would see him three days after he woke up from his sleep, but it wasn't until a week later that she would actually visit him on her own and give her sincerest condolences. Rui on the other hand was just happy to see her again and in perfect health. Jun didn't know where to start with her apology and the more she talked, the more her feelings of guilt had surfaced when speaking to him. Then, she had made a note that she should have died in that accident and Rui had pulled her into a hug and told her to never said it again. Rui realized that Jun was never going to move forward because of this accident and he told her that he rather lose a limb than to lose a friend. This declaration had made her wondered how he could be strong and not be angry with her. In her mind, she didn't deserve such kindness from him after suffering through so much extensive pain. Even though she knew Rui had forgiven her, Jun still blamed herself for it

Grief Stricken Decision - Her Own Retribution

Several months later, Jun and Rui (who was trying out his new prosthetic leg) were walking home together from school and the duo had encountered some bigoted bullies. Unfortunately, these guys had started messing with Rui after he started wearing his new prosthetic leg out of spitefulness and the fact that he was very popular at school. Jun was not gonna let this guys bully the one person that spared her life, but she soon realized that it was two against one if she wanted to take care of it herself. However, when one of the bullies had pushed Rui down after a bout of snide remarks, that had really pushed Jun over the edge. Helping her friend up, Jun had took her favorite ribbon out of her hair and covered Rui’s eyes with it and told him that something unpleasant was about to take place. Rui didn’t quite understand what Jun had meant, but he had heard the boys cries and screams of pain from what was going on around him.

Even though he didn’t see it, Rui had already knew what happened - Jun had beat those boys up and he didn’t like it one bit. Jun had cursed herself from breaking her vow of never using her skills in mixed martials arts for something so petty and trivial, but she wasn't gonna stand there and let Rui be ridiculed. After that little scuffle had taken place, Jun had came home and she went straight to her room and didn’t come out for the rest of the day. While being contained in her room, Jun had sat in front of her full body mirror and simply looked at it. Something had changed within Jun and it wasn't something for the better nor was it pleasant. The more she looked in the mirror, the reflections of her past mistakes continued to haunt her. In a way, she saw a weak and timid person and someone who could have easily died if it wasn't for Rui's heroic sacrifice in saving her life.

In turn, she grew more and more disgusted with herself and she decided that if she wanted to protect her loved ones and strengthen her mind, then she couldn’t be weak at heart and see things from a harsh and realistic perspective. Taking a pair of scissors from off her dresser, Jun had freed her hair from its normal hair ties and she sheared it down to a jagged short cut. It wasn’t long until her father Akio had came to check up on her and he panicked the minute he saw his daughter throw her hair into the mirror and scattered it all over her bedroom floor. Dropping everything, Akio had hugged his daughter, letting her know that everything was going to be okay and that everything that happened with Rui wasn't her fault. From hearing her father’s words, Jun had let the tears she held back fall from her eyes and she cried out in anguish.

That following week, Kozue and Rui were already in their classes and most of the students there were very supportive and even helping him out with things that he needed. When Jun had entered the class, everyone was in shocked that the girl no longer had her pretty, medium-length hair. Rui in particularly was extremely shock to the point that he had questioned her about the drastic change after school was over that day. Jun had told Rui and Kozue that if she was going to be a real swimmer, her long hair was simply not going to work for her. In reality, Jun's new haircut was a symbol of her guilt and weakness and she was covering up with a lie. Once more, Jun had apologized to Rui about the entire accident and she couldn't help but pull him into a tight embrace. Even more so, she had made a vow to never let her friends and even herself get in harm's way and protect their happiness - even if it meant suppressing her own dreams, spirit, and hopes of a happy future.

Bullet; YellowSKILLBullet; Yellow

Current Stats

Stamina: 4/5
Body: 2/5
Mental Strength: 3/5
Water Repellency: 3/5
Logic: 5/5
Femininity: 2/5

Expected Stats

Stamina: 5/5
Body: 3/5
Mental Strength: 5/5
Water Repellency: 4/5
Logic: 5/5
Femininity: 6/5

Bullet; YellowTRIVIABullet; Yellow

☆ In contrast to the male characters' feminine names, Jun has a masculine name.

☆ Jun's spirit animal is the Starfish / Sea Star.

☆ In her spare time, Jun plays video games (particularly rail shooter and cabin types) and practices her mixed martial arts as a form of stress relief.

☆ Whenever she is irritated or annoyed, Jun's Australian accent has the tendency to becomes more pronounced through her Japanese speech.

☆ Because of her Australian heritage, Jun actually has a middle name. Her full name is "Jun Tara Yoshida."

☆ Jun has two Shiba Inus for pets. She named them Peca and Wal after her favorite protein snacks: pecans and walnuts.

☆ Jun's possible love interest is Sousuke Yamazaki.

☆ Jun's best subject is Physical Education and English, while she's bad at History.

☆ Jun’s guilty pleasure is reading romance novels and movies. The reason is that she wants a very passionate yet gentle romance with someone who would make her feel worthy.

☆ Jun’s personal phrase is “Once you grab onto the star that revitalizes your purpose in life, you'll never let that light die out.”.

☆ Jun's image colors are golden yellow, brown, light teal green, sand, and other bright colors.

If you make it to this statement, then I applaud you for reading this entire bio. This is the full biography of my Free! OC, 'Jun Yoshida'. I hope you all like her. I worked really, really hard on her and comments are always welcome!Love

'Jun Yoshida' Drawings © :iconale-mangekyo: and :iconyohao88:
'Jun Yoshida' Character Creation, Background Story Concept, and Free! OC Card Template © dreamchaser21
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club and High☆Speed! © Kōji Ōji, Kyoto Animation, and Animation Do




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Favourite style of art: Manga and Anime
Favourite cartoon character: Sailor Moon, Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Winx Club
Personal Quote: "Anything is possible but nothing is impossible"


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